Membership Information

Vernon National Shooting Preserve is proud to present the area’s only Exclusive Memberships with unlimited access. Membership allows you to come and go as you please on any day of the week*. It doesn’t matter if we are open or not. Enjoy our facilities at your convenience.

All memberships are sold separately.

*Unlimited access may vary depending on local hunting seasons and seasonal weather.

Pheasant Membership Includes:

• 50 birds released over a 10-12 week period, beginning October 1st.
• Unlimited hunting access during season (9/1 through 3/31).
• Off-season use of the property for dog training.
• "Club Membership" discounts, clays rate, etc.

Club/Clays Membership Includes:

• Per target discount, merchandise discounts (ammo, clothing).
• Unlimited access to range and lodge.
• Pistol Range and Rifle Range Access - $10 per day per person.